Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~ Magill 5k Training

I didn't find it all that easy!  Sometimes a struggle towards the finish even at such a slow pace.  I forgot to check the minimum -maximum time and did the max by mistake so maybe that's the reason, plus I can't set the Garmin at any slower pace than 8:55m/k.  Tomorrow, I'll know to do the minimum or somewhere in between.

Easy Distance Run
30-50 minutes
9:05 -10:25m/k

I did 50 minutes
Avg. Pace 8:31m/k
HR 66%-74%
Distance 5.86km (distance doesn't count, but I like to know it anyhow)
Avg. Cadence 166 spm

T.E.  2.3  =  Maintaining!

I had cloud cover the whole time and a cool breeze, so the forecast hot day didn't bother me at all. 

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