Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~

It was complete disaster for me this morning.  After a sleepless night I wasn't feeling too well and I knew before I left home it wasn't going to be pleasant, but didn't expect to feel so downright awful : lethargic, stomach not good, bit of a headache and breathing the worst ever!! Very humid conditions on the bike path meant lots of walking for me.  A 'run' I'd rather forget about!  Great to see David Watson run the whole distance backwards!

5km in 38:29 ..... my slowest Bowral Parkrun time in 18 months!
Avg. pace 7:22m/k
HR Avg. 82% - 90%Max. ....tells its own story!
TE  3.6 =Improving?

VP had no competition at all!

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  1. David Watson, running backwards for 5km, finished 4 minutes ahead of me ...running forwards!