Thursday, February 04, 2016

Long Hill Repeats ~~~ Magill's 5km Training.

This new program is much harder than I thought at first glance!  Nevertheless, so far I'm enjoying the extra training involved, though only nearly finished week 2 so far.  I'm prepared to change and compromise where I feel it's necessary for me to do so.  For example :  I did a 50 min. 'Distance Run' yesterday, to be followed by another today at a faster pace.  Instead, mainly because of the rain, I did Friday's training today which was Long Hill Repeats and will do as easy distance run tomorrow because I want to get back to Bowral Parkrun on Saturday, and this seemed to me to be a better way of using the 2 sessions.

For a long hill I could think of nothing better than our Bowral parkrun grassy hill even though the rain was quite heavy and the morning cold!  So, over I went!

6 x 90sec. repeats.... timing the 1st rep. only & using whatever that distance was as the benchmark for the others.
4 to 5 min. Recoveries

I did 6 x 90 seconds.....walked down & waited about 4 min the cold rain!

I was thoroughly drenched at the finish but enjoyed the work in spite of the rain.  However, I was so cold driving back and even when at home, not even a hot shower warmed me up, neither did a hot coffee so I had to put the heater on (middle of summer!) and stand right in front of it till I could stop shivering!   I felt colder this morning than I could remember feeling in mid-winter!  I hope for sunshine tomorrow.



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