Sunday, February 07, 2016

Long Run ~~ Week 2 Done!

Well that's 2 weeks finished of Magill's 5km training!  All good so far, but quite a bit more difficult than my former program.  All sessions to date, except track are 'time on feet' not distance and pace is based on 5km time.. I've been using 35 minutes, but for the coming week I'm going to use 33 minutes which is my PB time for Bowral parkrun.  I can drop back if necessary.

Today:  LONG RUN
60-75 minutes

I did 75 minutes
School > Diamond Fields Road > Buckman's Lane...return to school.
Avg pace 9:00m/k
Distance 9:12km
Avg. cadence 160 spm.
HR 68% to 101%??
TE  2.4 ....Maintaining!

The morning was cool, the scenery beautiful, my running slow but it was one hill after another!

Looking at next week (week 3) seems like all easy sessions, except for Monday, tomorrow, when I have 'Road Intervals' to do; that's new! 

For the week : 31.5km

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