Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Track Work ~~~~~

Very warm at Chev. College track this morning but I don't blame the weather for not finishing the entire session .... I'd just had enough at a particular stage and it was less than the minimum number of repeats.  Thank goodness tomorrow is EASY distance run!

12 - 16 x 400m (for me in 2:43 or 6:45m/k)... I did 6 reps.
Still can't find anything about warm-up, recoveries etc in the Magill program, so did what I used do.

 10 min warm-up jog ...forgot strides/drills!
200m RI walk

2:45;  2:44;  2:43;  2:31;  2:29;  2:26

TE after all this was 1.6 which means the 'training effect' was Minor!

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