Sunday, January 31, 2016

Long Run - Magill Style ~~~

I'm liking the change to 'time on feet' with this program as against distance with F.I.R.S.T.

60-120 minutes @ 9:08-10:15m/k ..... (still basing pace on a 35 min 5km time)
Post Run Routine ... stretching.

90 minutes
School to Diamond Fields Road and back 
Avg. pace 9:06 m/k 
Avg. Cadence 157 spm.

I didn't find this run easy!  The course is a tough one with more than its fair share of hills.  I felt OK, but a little tired!  Took a couple of walk breaks.  I need a new battery for my HRM strap; that's why I'm missing HR and TE in results ... according to Google!

That's the first week of Pete Magill's 6 week 5km training done!  I've kept to the very minimum of the times for each session for this week just to be on the safe side after having time off.  In the coming week, I'll take it up a little and see how I handle the extra time.

For this week : 30km 

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