Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Backing Up ~~~~~

On Pete Magill's 5km plan I had what is called a ....

DISTANCE RUN:  more effort that yesterday's "Easy Distance Run", but still conversational, except I didn't have anyone to converse with!

50 to 75 minutes at 8:30 to 9:30m/k pace

I took the easier option!

50 minutes
Avg. Pace 8:37m/k
Distance 5.8km
Cadence 163 spm.
No Heart Rate or Training Effect (TE) showed up in results ... disappointing!  


I stayed with the shortest time (50min) because I'm not used to running every day and I don't want to risk injury!  Started at school, ran through Renwick and back to the school where I did a couple of strides on the soccer field and finished with stretches. I think this Magill program is pretty intense and involves far more running than I've been doing.  However, I'm very keen to see if it suits me and looking forward to tomorrow's track session..  so far so good but that's only after 2 days!

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