Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Easy Distance Run" ~~~~

That's what it's called in Pete Magill's book! 

40 - 70 minutes + One of several choices of Post-run Routines.  I did what's called 'Dynamic Stretching' and it wasn't that easy either!  I hope to improve!

What puzzles me is how slow the pace range is for today's session, based on my 35min 5km time..... 9:33-10:56m/k!  Seems awfully slow and when I tried to set VP on my Garmin 620 to this range, I was unable to set anything slower than 8:55m/k and after that it returns to zero!  I don't think I'm doing anything wrong with the Garmin; maybe it thinks anyone wanting a pace slower than 8:55 should be home dribbling into their porridge!  So, 8:55m/k is where I set it.  I started at the Highlands School in light rain but later became sunny, and then out and back on Diamond Fields Road to the school.  A tough, hilly course at any pace!

75 minutes
Avg. pace 8:36m/k
AHR 71%;  MHR 96%
Avg. Cadence 162 spm.
TE  3.5  =  IMPROVING! 

A bit concerned when I looked at tomorrow's session called "DISTANCE RUN".  Even though today's was called "Easy Distance Run" I've never, that I can recall, backed up for 2 consecutive days, usually having a day off between sessions.  Perhaps that's why the pace for today's 'easy' run was supposed to be so slow, but I wasn't able to set it on my Garmin. I also made an error, I think, in running for more than the max. 70 minutes, even though it was only 5 minutes extra instead of leaning towards the lower time of 40 minutes or something in between.  Just my thoughts, on looking at tomorrow's session and then looking back on what I did today.  If it's a mistake, I'll know tomorrow and learn from it!


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