Sunday, January 24, 2016

Running Longer ~~~~ At Last!!

Lovely, overcast and cool morning and set off to see what sort of distance I could comfortably run after 3 weeks of doing nothing, as result of big fat fluid knee and hammie/glute pain.  Happy to say neither bothered me at all ... fluid knee just bounces along and no niggles anywhere!  WooooHooo!  A good start to my 5km program beginning tomorrow!

Start from Highlands School (after letting the chooks out!) and ran all around and through Renwick estate where I haven't been for months.  Interesting to see the changes and the many new homes that have been built since I was last there.  I so very much enjoyed my run and so happy to get through 10km when I'd expected that 5k would probably have been enough!

10km in 1hr 20min.....Slow, I know, but I'm OK with 'slow' for now!
Avg. pace 8:25m/k
AHR 77%
TE 3.6 = IMPROVING!  Whoopee! 
Avg. Cadence 167 spm. 

Can't wait to get out tomorrow!!

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