Thursday, January 28, 2016

Track ~~~~

Some months since I've been at Chev. College track And that's where I was this morning for the first of  Pete Magill's track sessions for 5km racing.  Good to be back there again and my little 200m track had recently been mowed.  Actually, it's a bit more than 200m so I measured the distance before starting so that I don't run any further than I have to!!  I haven't looked properly yet, but I can't see any warm-up or cool-down directions for track so I did what my old program suggested; also haven't seen suggested recovery intervals.

15 min warm-up incl. few strides
12 - 16 x 200m in 1:16 - 1:22 (paces based on chart for 35min 5k time)
 200m RI.

To be on the safe side with this new program which means some running every day, I chose the minimum number of repeats (12).   

1:16;  1:16;  1:13;  1:20;  1:21;  1:16;  1:17;  1:18;  1:16;  1:17;  1:16;  1:14

Felt quite OK with 12 repeats and the paces also!  That's 4 days on new program and all good!

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