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Have been a keen runner for more than 40 years; member of ACT Veterans Club. Ran my first of 11 marathons in 2000 and the NYC Marathon in 2005 where I carried the Australian flag at the "Friendship Run" (photo at left). Have Australian Age Category Records for two 50km Ultra Marathon events, the marathon and half marathon distances; 5000m track race; ACT record for 1 mile. I lived in Sydney with my husband, Jim, until we moved to the Southern Highlands in 1995.... During our 45 years together, we travelled extensively and made NYC our favourite destination at Christmas for several years.

Monday, May 19, 2008

S.M.H. Half Marathon

I had a great run on Sunday, not fast of course, but I enjoyed every single minute of it, especially getting to hurtle down Hunter Street soon after the start and, for the first time I had no struggle with running up the hills...just kept on hopping along in what unexpectedly turned out to be a brilliant morning for running.

This would be the only race I can remember in a long while where I felt totally relaxed & strong & confident that I was going to run a good race and enjoy it at the same time....and so I did & not at all like an 'ancient'!

I simply loved the whole event & felt full of energy & enthusiasm & really ready to draw on anything & everything (& everybody if necessary!) to finish knowing I had run my best.

In fact, I felt so good during the first 10km that, when I found I was running a faster pace than planned, I slowed down for fear of a nightmare in the second loop. Looking back now, I think I could have kept up the pace & finished faster than I did....who knows? I'll just have to wait & see 'how the wind blows' at the Gold Coast. It's a hard call to make knowing whether to run faster when you feel you can or hold back for later in the race. I think I'll 'let it all out' at the GC!

Gun Time 2:33:25; Net Time 2:32:28. About 30 seconds better than last year's SMH Half & 5 minutes faster than the Central Coast Half in December.

A final certainty.....I must have had a goof coach somewhere in my lifetime!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Leaving......

for Sydney now......but not on a jet plane!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things Change!

....and just as well that they do. After last Friday's miserable effort, I went to Chev track today ready to shoot or die!

As it turned out I didn't have to do either because I reckon I did a really, really good session!

After 1.5km warm-up & a couple of drills:

6 x 150m ....fast, but with good form in case Ewen's spies were lurking nearby! Recovery walk back to the start after each one.

Then the "piece de resistance"** that I so messed up last Friday: 4 - 5km 'upper aerobic' & this time I worked the old heart rate up to where it should be i.e. 132 (86%). I stopped at 4km because I didn't want to run a bad 5th kilometre! Next session I'll make it 5k just to see what my 5km time is.

1km laps were 6:10; 6:13; 6:19; 6:07 giving an average pace of 6:10 & that's pretty good for an "ancient"!!

**I don't know how to put the French accents on!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Disaster on Track.....

.....nothing would have helped today!

Meaningful? Yes, but I don't know what!

Unexpected? You bet!

Exciting? Not!

A suggestion from Ewen found me on the track at Chevalier all ready to run 6 to 7km 'upper aerobic' with heart rate 80-85% & after that 5 to 8 X 120m sprints. You'd think I'd know by now, but anyhow I'd asked for tips for the last 2 weeks before SMH Half Marathon, Sunday week.

Try as I might, I couldn't get a heart rate reading anywhere near that high, averaging only 62%! I stopped in disgust at 5.5km & moved on to the sprints. Thankfully, this was a better session though I hope there were no "spies" nearby checking my 'technique'!

Worse was yet to come!

After downloading this rubbish to Motion Based, the Garmin "died" & no wonder! Not a single expression on its face, not even a farewell smile! However, one more e-mail & I was re-directed to a thread on the CR message board where the answer lay....press Mode & Lap simultaneously and behold, the 305 started to breathe again & is now well enough to be taken off life-support altogether!

Who would have thought it!