Friday, August 23, 2013

Some Trivia ~~~~~and Updates >>>>

"The Mittagong Antiques Centre is one of the largest antiques centres outside metropolitan Sydney. With more than 45 dealers displaying a wide variety of antiques, there is sure to be something for you. Enjoy a break at the coffee shop located within the store."  This blurb is more than true!

 Hidden amongst all these treasures is a small cafe that has goodies to die for and it's quiet, hidden from the masses and where I, with three class mates, spent the day.  Delicious pumpkin soup followed by (for me) bread-and-butter pudding with cream! Yum! It was so windy and cold in the Southern Highlands today, I was happy to have chosen this venue to meet up with some LC students, 1945, whom I hadn't seen for some years.  When one door closes.......another opens!  True!

We had a wonderful time looking at photos - My! How we've changed!  -  but we still recognized one another : a familiar voice and smile, a 'something' that everyone has as an identifying characteristic and which time does not dull, in spite of the the fact that two of us (me included) had either a bad leg, knee or diet problems that have come with advancing age!  None of us were impressed with a young driver who tooted us as we made our way across a pedestrian crossing, clinging to each other for our very lives!!  He would have had no idea of the expletives these gentle looking old ladies hurled in his direction!!

It was very special for me to have spent a day with these wonderful "girls"!  Of course, we got up to mischief when let loose in the antique vintage clothing section, where we tried on hats, coats etc,  dating back to the '50's to 70's, laughing uncontrollably at each other's modeling antics!

A trivial day's events I suppose, but great fun and a great venue to spend a cold, windy day with class mates!

Having fun dressing up!!

Update on my left knee : Saturday....  Saw GP this morning (emergency cases only on a Saturday; I was in extreme pain all yesterday and last night and counted that as an emergency!) and he was able to access the system for MRI results.  Looks like badly torn medial meniscus (as I have suspected all along!) and orthopedic surgeon most likely will need to do an arthroscopy...again, as I suspected!  Till then, I have stronger medication to relieve pain which seems to feel worse by the day. step at a time!

Update....Aug. 30....  At GP for script and full report on MRI..."A complex truncated medial meniscus tear". 

 Looks like I've done it this time! Orthopedic surgeon on Monday and, with a little bit of luck, arthroscopy on Tuesday.

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Left Knee ~ and Updates ~~ and Trivia!

This afternoon I'll see the orthopedic surgeon and hopefully get to what is causing such pain in my knee.  I'm guessing (a)  MRI and (b) possible arthroscopy.   Update when I know for certain!

Update #1, 21st August  ~~~   MRI this morning and what a noisy piece of wonder that is!  Thirty minutes of  bang, boom and blast!  Fortunately ear mufflers supplied but even so, enough to wake the dead!! 
Update #2....still to come!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How lucky I am.... have such good friends!

 Adding cheer to my day was a visit from two friends I haven't seen for quite some time :  Ray James and Karin (who used by Aunty K on Cool Running!).  Both were on their way to Wagga Wagga to run tomorrow's marathon and they broke their trip to stop off at my place for some lunch and chat.  They both carried a plate of cakes Karin had made for my forthcoming birthday!!  One plate of delicious chocolate cakes topped with strawberries disappeared in no time!  I doubt that the second plate will last too much longer than the first though I'll have it all to myself!!

Ray had said he was bringing a friend but kept it a surprise that the friend was Karin!  Five years had elapsed! I was absolutely delighted to see both as we all go back quite a few "running years".  Two wonderful friends!  Thank you for making time to see me.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best laugh for today!!

In today's Sun Herald :  for me, two of the funniest - unhappily correct I think- comments about our two leaders debating tonight!!

BIGGEST RISK If Rudd gets uncomfortable, he might start talking too much. When he talks too much, his sentences turn into convoluted baloney.


Most irritating habit: ...Laughing like a lunatic hyena. Even Abbott's staff are hoping nothing much funny happens tonight.

Too funny for words!!!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A "Classy' Reunion ~~~

 I don't often attend class reunions - or reunions of any kind for that matter because they're usually too depressing - but I did yesterday and I'm so pleased I did.  Not only did I find that so many were still alive and well, but I was able to recognize those whom I haven't seen for far too many years to mention!   This  reunion came at a good time for me and made for a most enjoyable lunch in Sydney with, of course, lots of reminiscing and laughter.  A big surprise was to find that one has been living in Bowral  all these years without either of us knowing that the other was but a short distance away!

A special highlight of the day was visiting two of our 'old' (literally very old!) teachers now living in a nursing home and aged 96 and 99 years respectively!  I had no idea they were still living, never thought anyone who taught me could possibly be still alive, which makes me realize how young they must have been when they taught us.  Both are as sharp as they always were but frail physically.  I'm so pleased I had the chance to see them...who knows, maybe for the last time.  We're all "getting on"!

I've had several phone calls last night and this morning from class mates saying how pleased they were that I last!  Three of these 'girls' will be driving down in a couple of weeks for a lunch get together which I'm really looking forward to especially now that the door to running has been closed - temporarily I'm hoping  - and I can expect more laughter as old times continue being discussed!

 "If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected ever happens."  (Fay Weldon)

Monday, August 05, 2013

"It's On!" ~~~~

Two events  of undetermined significance : The Federal Elections and,of far greater urgency, my knee!  No laughing matter for either one!  However, even before the elections take place, I'll have an orthopedic surgeon take a look at x-rays etc of my bad left knee and who will tell me what I need to do - or not to do- to improve the present grave situation.

Till then, I'll just keep on walking, and walking and.......more walking!