Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This Week ~~~~~ Christmas Week!

Now that there's no school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, I hope to do some extra easy running.  Troubled though by a painful left hamstring ...who'd believe it, just when I have the time available!  Anyhow, so far ~~~~~

Monday : an easy 5km along Diamond Fields Road; few strides at finish.
Tuesday: Chev. track: 6 x 400m (400mRI) in 2:40 ..... my times 3:03; 2:42; 2:56; 2:53; 2:40; TE minor!!

Wednesday: Magill Drills/Strides  (school soccer field)  +  6 x 12 sec. short hill repeats ( Bong Bong Rd), 1 min RI.  Hamstring taped!  So far, so good!
Thursday:  Easy 5km from school to Diamond Fields Road and back. Lovely misty rain helped on this hilly course.  Took 45 min.  AHR 66-78%;  TE 2.5 Maintaining!

Friday, Christmas Day ~~~~~  OFF!

Boxing Day/Bowral Parkrun ~~~~
 Disaster!  Running downhill at the start, left leg hamstring gave way!  Struggled for a while on the cycle path but forced by extreme pain to turn back!   A sad and sorry sight I was climbing back up the hill for a Parkrun DNF! No idea how long this is going to take to heal but, for now, it's Goodbye to running!  Damn!!  And Hello to volunteering!!

....   and that's it for Christmas 2015!

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