Saturday, April 02, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~ Walking!

Number 48 for me ....2 to go!  Cool morning, felt extra cool walking, but I tried to power walk only to find I'm not very good at it! However, it's all I can do for the time being and until I get the green light from physio that hamstring is OK to jog. 

5km in 46:56  (68.39%)
AHR 67-83% of Max.
Avg. Cadence 142spm

TE  2.7 .... Maintaining ... surprise!


  1. Well done. You weren't far behind my walking pace at Gindy! And I didn't have to hike up a bloody big hill at the end!

    1. Yep, bloody big hill seemed bloody bigger this morning! Can't say I enjoy walking but better than not doing anything!