Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the stomach still churns!

I'm becoming doutful that I'll make it to Fishers Ghost Run on Sunday - my last race for the year as it was supposed to be.

I saw the doctor yesterday & yes, stomach virus, possibly from the tap water I drank during Sunday's run. So I have something to take for the cramps & nausea, but the bug has to work its own way out of the system. I wish it would hurry up & do so!

Just to make a real mess up, I've the worst eye allergy in both eyes - 2 red, burning eyes that will only half open. This is not how I like to look! If I do make it on Sunday, I might have to borrow a seeing-eye dog to guide me around the course!

Wait & See...I wish I could see!


  1. Ah well, in the absence of Fishers Ghost, there's always Central Coast to finish the year off with. Just remember, Get Better before you Get Running! Hope it all settles soon.


  2. Well not much consolation but on the bright side its better to have both ailments at once, if it was one after the other you would be sidelined for longer.

    Take care and get well soon.

  3. Thanks! Fishers Ghost is just that ...a ghost, not real anymore!

    Central Coast...a good suggestion. I'd like to have just 1 more run before the end of the year.

    December 7...surely I cam make it by then!

  4. Oh, you poor love! Both ends at once - that sounds dreadful!

    I hope you feel better soon, at least from one end or the other.