Friday, November 28, 2008

Goodbye November......


Not quite December yet, but today is the first day I've 'run ' since the beginning of November, so I'm quite happy to say 'goodbye' to this month, having had the most painful infection that I could ever have imagined in both eyes. During this time I spent 5 days in hospital ....screaming, crying & kicking (almost) from pain in my eyes & pounding headaches. Viral Conjunctivitis of the worst kind..say no more!

Anyhow, I was forced out of the lethargy that was fast becoming a daily routine, by the horrendous pictures of the terrorist attack in Mumbai.....lives suddenly & tragically ended; others, never to be the same again. It shocked me out of my little world of discomfort that I thought couldn't get much worse & so I went running this morning instead of waiting until Monday as I'd intended. Time is of the essence for everyone.

My run was a very easy, lower aerobic 50 minutes (AHR 75%) along Diamond Fields Road where all was quiet, the countryside green from recent rains...nothing to disturb the beauty & solitude of this lovely part of Mittagong and, even though the pictures of the terrorist attack were constantly before me, I completely loved being out & feeling my legs moving again, albeit ever so slowly!


  1. So happy to see you are feeling well again and out pounding the pavement LL :-)

  2. That's dramatic! Sorry for all the pain and suffering...

    you caused your nurses with all that screaming, crying and kicking.

    Thankfully you were able to sleep well when they put on the Gosford Park DVD.

  3. Who are these insane people LL? I don't know. Running seems such an unimportant passtime compared to what is going on but that is why it is so important to keep doing it.

    Yes , bring on December it's usually a kinder month than November ;)

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Gosh, that must've been such a painful experience ... makes hitting the wall in a marathon sound like fun.

    Take care.