Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fishers Ghost....not likely!

I returned to the doctor today as my eyes were becoming unbearably sore. He took one look at me, picked up the phone & called the eye specialist in Bowral. Instead of the usual 1 -2 weeks wait to see these specialists - the Southern Highlands is brimming over with oldies going blind and/or deaf - I was given a letter & sent straight to the specialist's rooms!

He saw me immediately &, both he & his optometrist, said they'd never seen eyes that looked so terribly sore! Anyhow now I know for sure - I'm not going blind! - but have a really severe viral conjunctivitis! Now I have 2 different drops to use 3 x daily & see him again in 2 weeks or earlier if things worsen.

So....Fishers Ghost run on Sunday is a no-no, unless I disobey orders & a miracle occurs & I can see where I'm going!

Maybe, as Superflake suggested, I could think about the Central Half Marathon, December 7th....thanks for the reminder SF!


  1. Best not to run. With your vision so blurry you might end up running 10k instead of 5!

  2. Central Coast Half is a good choice. Nice and flat with lots of coolrunners to cheer you along the way and the cold rock icecreamery for carbo loading and/or refueling.

    Your body has had a rough time with the tummy bug and now the conjunctivitis. Give it a chance to recover!

  3. Gosh, viral conjunctivitis. Sounds nasty. But then again it is sort of a relief that its nothing even more sinister.

    Take care and enjoy the little rest you are having from running. Imagine how fresh you will feel when you get back into it.