Saturday, November 08, 2008

Very funny, Ewen!

That must be it...Roundup in my eyes! Then that begs the question, "Who done it?"

I'll post again when my eyes are properly open...I don't want to sound like a whinging pom (like Joy)!


  1. Hey, steady on there.. we're not all whingers you know!

    Hope the eyes and tummy are all better soon and you're back in action. There's a nice sri Chinmoy x country half in a few weeks in Centennial Park or you can always come up and do the Nov or Dec SMC. Not scenic but it's a race and you're welcome to stay in Bronte with us

  2. One of the characters in Gosford Park did it.

    Just don't tell Joy I said that, or she'll be really whinging!

    Lulu I'd never accuse you of that - besides, you're more Aussie now than Pom. And, you're well brought up! Or should that be "you've been well trained"?

  3. Hey LL

    I took you off my blog lines list after you said you weren't going to blog a while back but here you are!

    I'm glad your still writing. I'll keep following.


  4. Oh no. I've been virtually internet free for 10 or 11 days ... was in Thailand on hols so it wasn't all bad :)

    Hope to see you blogging again soon as that means your eyes are finally ok.

    Sending good thoughts your way.