Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Southern Highlands Challenge", Wingello. 6km

A brilliant day, after leaving Mittagong in fog and light rain at 7:15am : the sun came out, the trails were mostly least for the 6km course.... and Leah and I had a great fun run!  We didn't stop or walk at all, not even on a couple of especially long, steep hills. I was so pleased for Leah!  She ran strongly and was quite relaxed......after the starting gun went off!.  We stayed together and ran across the finish mat holding hands, our arms in the air!

I was given a special mention during presentations!   Embarrassing but nice!!  Met quite a few Cool Runners I hadn't seen in ages.  Lovely to see them again and catch up with what each has been doing in recent years.

The website mentioned that the distance was something over 6km and my Garmin has 6.4km.

The event seems to have been a great success judging by the hundreds of people running and the families and children enjoying the food, stalls and farm animals.

6.4km in 51:35
Avg. 8:03m/k; Max 6:01m/k
1k laps :  8:15;  8:07;  8:26;  8:02;  7:55;  7:42; (3:06 for 400m)

....and I didn't fall over this time!   Saw a few who did though!  Will definitely do this run again.

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