Saturday, August 09, 2014

Wingello ~~~ A Trial Run ~~~~~

Decided to drive to Wingello (50Km)  to check out the 6km tail course in preparation for August 31, Southern Highlands Classic......  and I had only one fall at about half way!  Having manoeuvred all the larger rocks, ditches etc, I managed the best version of a CJ I could have imagined!  CJ would have been proud of my results! I tripped on a protruding stone of about 2cm and landed on hands, knees and forehead slap bang onto the rocky, dirt trail!  As a result of this clever little trick, apart from sore hands and right shoulder and one cut knee, I have a beauty of a purple lump just above my right eye where I landed the hardest!  Amazingly, I didn't knock myself out! 

SHC 6km course

Lesson learned the hard way!  In hindsight, I shouldn't have gone there on my own, not just because of an accident which would be bad enough, but there is no way of getting help that I know of.  Another thing, it's too isolated an area alone on those trails...I think so anyhow.  There wasn't another person anywhere after leaving the camping ground.  Anyhow, it's done and I'm relieved not to have returned home in an even more sorry state!

The 6km course was tougher than I'd expected :  more hills and more difficult terrain than I wanted.  Hate to think what the half marathon and 50km are like! At least, I'll know what to expect on 31st August.

 Trail running is definitely an acquired talent!

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