Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Bitterly cold at Chev. this morning :  3 degrees in Mittagong felt like -3 on the oval!  The whole time I wore gloves, jumper, beanie and track pants.  First repeat felt not so good and I thought I was in for a day when VP could wipe me out!  However, I ran easy, things improved and I stayed ahead for last 2 repeats.

10-20 min warm-up......I did 1.7k
3 x 1600m in 12:36 (based on 40min 5k time)
10 min cool-down......didn't need to cool down but did usual stretches.

3 x 1600m :  12:38;    12:14;    11:50

Lanes were in the process of being marked ahead of the carnival next week.  I ran inside the boundary fence.  Kids came and went while I plodded on!

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