Monday, December 10, 2012

Workout #1.. Track ~~~

Over to Chevalier College for today's session, the 2nd of 5 weeks' training trying to run faster.  It's back to winter here, cold and light rain. Crazy weather for December but I like it!

Program :
3km warm-up;  light drills/strides.
4 x 800m ...4-5min RI.....I took 4 min this week, 5 last week.

I ran 3km warm-up on what I thought was the CC course but, after talking to the groundsman, I learned that where I was running, after leaving the main grounds, was in fact the mountain bike course!  Now I know why there were so many huge humps and corners to manoeuvre in this section!

3km Warm-up. Lower left..Section of mountain bike course!
 So...3km warm-up

4 drills with strides between
 4:50.8  (118/130, 75/82%);  4:44.2 (119/131, 75/83%);  4>46.6 (120/123, 76/85%);  4:33.3 (123/136, 78/86%).
1km cool-down + stretches.

I felt these were fairly good repeats......tried to run strongly and put on a spurt to make the last one hard/very hard!


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  1. The mountain bike course! Did you get any 'air' going over the jumps?