Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Tempo Run ~~~~~

Bowral Parkrun course and beyond for today's run.

1.5km easy
10km @ 8:05m/k
1.5km easy.

Because I find recovery takes longer these days, I had a decision to make about this longer tempo run.  One way was to shorten the distance and keep the required pace OR run the longer distance at a slower pace. For today, I chose the latter and pleased I did as I felt good for the whole distance without feeling out of breath or in need of a walk break.  Next week I might do the first option.

Beautiful day, sunny and warm; crossed over the railway lines out of curiosity as to what lay beyond, only to find the road led to a horse stud and wasn't going anywhere else.  A loop uphill took me back to the cycle path and finally up the grassy slope which I tried to run fast (!) and finished with a short lap round the trees at the top...  13km done!

1.5km warm-up
10km @ 8:00 m/k
1.5km cool-down + few stretches.

I slipped, slid and sat in this puddle today just as I got to the car!  I have left the shape of my 'seat' in the mud!!

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