Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tempo Run/Jog/Walk! ~~~~~

Woke this morning with a sore throat so I'm going to blame that, and whatever it's leading up to, for such an awful run today.  I was out of breath, constantly stopping and generally feeling miserable in spite of the beautiful scenery.
5km of total 10km

 I left the cycle path into Sullivan Road (see pics), turned into Osborne Road and followed it to where it ended and then retraced my steps back to The Briars Inn.

Over the past two days, we've had two sets of twin baby goats born - 3 sets altogether now!  Two girls, boy and girl and 2 boys.  The girl in the middle set has had to be cared for by the hour for several days and nights which meant I didn't get to bed until early morning hours on a couple of occasions, taking turns to see that she was fed since she couldn't stand on her back legs, now in splints, damaged at birth. Today, one of the new twins has needed help also, so it's been in and out of the rain, disrupted sleep all week and now, a sore throat to top it off! I took some pics this afternoon :
Just a few hours old! Weaker one still unable to stand!

1st set of twins: Coconut and Goldilocks! Camera shy!

 Little girl with splints and now doing well!

Today's Tempo Run:
3.5km easy
5km in 36:11
1.5km easy ...

Parkrun Course; muddy. and wet, grassy slope. Felt terribly cross with myself for stopping so often ... I'm my own worst enemy, whatever that means!  I think it means I'm hard on myself and accept no excuses for poor performance.

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