Sunday, June 07, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~

I had Leah with me for company this morning. As well as having someone to run with, I always ask Leah to see that I run all the hills without stopping and this she does with a vengeance, staying just close enough to keep an eye on me! Lovely winter's morning on Diamond Fields Road with plenty of sunshine to balance a strong, cool breeze.

Started as usual from the school and went as far as the river crossing; same as last Sunday when I was on my own and from there back to the school.  We each carried a 600ml bottle of water and got through the lot!

From School to the Nepean Crossing and back 14.25km

My quad and glute muscles especially are giving me strife now, several hours later; proof that I ran those damned hills! It's 2:30pm and I'm so tired I think I'll have a 'nanna nap'!  Another thing .... For 2 days now I've had a desperate longing for some chocolate!  Tomorrow, I'll have to buy some ... the craving is driving me nuts!

Long Run:
TE 1.5 ... Minor!!

The Nepean Crossing


At the Crossing this morning.

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