Saturday, June 06, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #36 ~~~~ in 36:36!

(36:40 official); 36:36 Garmin time for Parkrun #36! Has to be something lucky about 3 lots of 36!  Certainly it wasn't that I was lucky enough to be getting faster; the opposite, in fact.  I can only hope that by chipping a few seconds off each Saturday, as opposed to adding them on like I did today, eventually I might get somewhere near my best time for this course ..33:43.  Like last Saturday, it felt as if I was running well, only to end up seeing I'd run slower than last Saturday and even slower than Thursday's tempo run.  Oh well .....hang in there, I tell myself!  Still a way to go before Blackmores Half Marathon in September but still, I'll soon need to pick up the pace a bit.  I'd hate to be removed from the course for not meeting each cut-off point!

5km in 36:40 (official)
7:35;     7:27;     7:17;     7:03;     7:13
Avg. 7:21m/k
HR 76%-86% of Max.
TE 2.0 ..... Maintaining!

Sunny morning; not as cold as expected but I wore my new thermal top, long tights, beanie and gloves.  Rain on Thursday night turned some sections on the grass slope into a bit of a mess again, but the cycle path was dry.

Bowral Parkrun #36


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