Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

I ran on our Bowral Parkrun course which is finally clear of any water and muddy patches.  A cool and windy morning, but such a great place for a run!

Tempo Run:
1.5km easy .... I ran down the grassy hill, up the grassy hill and down the grassy hill, making exactly 1.5km!

5km @ ST pace (7:10m/k based on 35 min 5km time)
6:56;   7:04;    7:10;    6:46;    6:37
Avg. 6:55m/k
Avg. HR 76-81%
TE 3.4 = Improving!

Run up grassy hill, down grassy hill and up grassy hill for cool-down!

Total : 8km today.

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