Sunday, July 02, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

I missed Bowral parkrun on Saturday; a few reasons: I need to stay off concrete for a while because (a)  I've felt some niggles, due to extra running I'd say, in the hamstring I tore completely off the bone about a year ago; (b) I didn't want to do anything too hard before next Sunday's 10km and I'm always completely 'wasted' after parkrun! (c)  I'd decided on an intervals session instead of parkrun;   (d) It was too darn cold and I succumbed to the temptation to stay in my lovely warm bed and that's the truth of the matter!

Intervals:  VO2max workout
12 mins warm-up

1st Set:  6 x 30 sec;  30 sec RI

2nd Set:   4 x 3.5min hard!  RI from 90 sec to 4mins.

8 minute cool-down.

This seemed to go OK and wasn't easy by any means!

Sunday Long Run/Walk
Jog/walk 30/30 seconds

This was OK too.  Every second jog segment I used for a 30 second stride while away the time!  Pretty tired at finish; cold, heavy frost; that's about it till next Sunday's Sydney Harbour 10km!


  1. smart move to miss parkrun - those look like two solid sessions...

  2. Yes, they seemed to be OK without being overly tired!