Sunday, July 23, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

I'd like nothing better than to forget both days! 

Bowral parkrun on Saturday with temperatures below zero and thick white frost like snow all over the grassed areas, wasn't any way comfortable for me to even think about running and so I chose to run/walk, 30/30 seconds, but still felt positively done in at the finish!

5k in 40:52
Age graded 82:10%

Last night, Saturday, I must have slept for best part of 10 hours and woke looking forward to the Sunday long run/walk of 14km which my 10km program told me I was to do!  An unwise decision, in hindsight, was I changed the usual 30/30 run/walk I've been incorporating into long runs, to 60/30.   After just a few minutes I could see and feel the folly of my thinking!  Dead legs!  Not just dying, but dead and 14km to go!

While I could still think straight, I kept 60/30 going but, with 6km still to go, I was feeling nauseous and unsteady on the rough dirt road.  Of course, something more than a mug of coffee before leaving home, would have been a sensible thing to do!  Made a switch in the run/walk scenario from 60/30 run/walk to 30/60 run walk!  That way I made it back to where I started, a sad and sorry mess!  In the p.m. slept, exhausted for nearly 2 hours, falling asleep stretched out on the lounge with 'Amy' comfortably asleep on my stomach!

I may have to 're-design' the coming week's program to better suit my enfeebled state of mind and body!

13.5km in 2 hrs 20 mins.
AHR 98-118bpm (72-87% of max.)
TE 2.3 ...  Maintaining Fitness!  I was dying on my feet!


  1. Something more than a mug of coffee before leaving home WOULD have been the sensible thing to do! You should have a decent breakfast of carbohydrates before longer morning runs if you don't want to feel terrible. Otherwise, expect to feel terrible!

  2. Yes, you're right! I'll remember next weekend.