Thursday, July 06, 2017

Walking Up and Jogging Down ~~~~~

I've heard about the hills on Oxley Drive, Mt Gibraltar, but never ventured there until this morning and might be a while before I go there again!  Starting at the bottom of Oxford Street, it was all up steep hill, all the way!  Never levelled out at all, and after seeing that it just kept on going up and up into the unknown, I turned back -  jogging downhill all the way to where I started.

I don't think I could ever run these uphills; just walking had me puffing and panting for breath and hair-pin bends make it virtually impossible to see on-coming cars;  dangerous!  Anyhow, I only wanted a short walk today - and that's what I got - a tough one nevertheless!

Puffing My Way Up Oxley Drive - and Jogging Down!  4km

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