Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Mixed Bag ~~~~~

In order to keep Thursday easier, I set off to do a MHR test instead of the usual tempo run.  This involved a thorough warm-up, 3 minutes hard running, 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard running; take the highest reading from the 2nd 3 minutes as MHR.  Bowral parkrun course.  Beautiful morning!

3.5km warm-up .. starting from Briars

First fast 3km :  118 -127 bpm

3 mins. easy

Second fast 3km : 125-132 bpm

5.7km Run/walk 30/60 incl. 10 x 30 secs. strides.  Finishing at Briars; stretches on the grass.

Total 10.4km

And that was it!  Test shows MHR of 132bpm, added on 4 more for good measure making MHR 136 bpm, which is exactly what I've been using as MHR before doing the test!

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