Monday, February 02, 2009

Long Run

Sunday, February 1st :

I'd decided that, if I could summon up the energy & get myself up early enough I'd go for a 27km long run.

I set the alarm for 5:00 a.m., got up without thinking about it, had a piece of toast & jam - usually I don't eat before a run - & was out on a very hilly Range Road, ready to start at 5:55a.m! A first ever, but the only way I'm going to get long runs in while it remains so hot, is to get out before dawn!

My plan was the same as the previous Sunday's long run : jog/walk...5/2 from start to finish. I carried a small flask of poweraid to have at 5km & after each 10km I was able to be back at the car for more fluids & a bite of banana. It worked out nicely 4 x 5km + 7km = 27km . 5km splits are :

44:32; 42:36; 42:09; 43:52. The final 7km a painfully slower & hot 1 hour!

Total time = 4 hours approx. !
Distance = 27km
I slept most of the afternoon!


  1. Ha Ha every blog I am reading this morning the weekend long run was hot and the last bit was the hardest....gosh It is all coming back to me now the pain of those last few kms..

    Canberra is getting closer so these painful training sessions are what makes us stronger and confident to get through the marathon relatively unscathed...cant wait!!!

  2. That sure is the only way to handle the heat. Get started before it does. Well done LL. I hope you had a well deserved rest after that big effort.

  3. You guys are doing it tough with the heat at the moment, I haven't heard more harrowing first hand stories since watching a doco on "the Bataan Death March."

    Let's hope it cools down soon.