Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vacancy of Mind...

That's all I can put it down to that I cut this morning's mid week longer run from 14km to 10.7km! And now I'll have to make up the difference tomorrow.....damn! I was sure the Garmin said 7km when I turned around - must have been 5; eyesight may be failing along with everything else!

Program : 14km (as you feel. If good try for a negative split).

I started with a creepy slow first km on Old South Road at 8:15 a.m & then tried to pick up the pace a little more than I do on the short runs.

Results : 10.7km

5.2 km out in 39:29

Laps = 10:34; 7:48; 7:32; 7:20; 7:14

Avg. Pace 7:35

5.57k back in 44:53

Avg. Pace = 7:52

Laps = 7:17; 7:27; 7;20; 7:50; 9:42 (walked the hill!); 4:17 for 0.52k

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