Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Decision Made ~~~~

.... and it is that last Sunday's ATVAC Half Marathon is the last of any long distances for me!  I didn't pull up as I'd expected and, in fact, I was quite surprised at just how unwell it left me feeling for most of this week : constant headache and nausea for 48 hours at least.  In the past a half marathon left no ill effects at all and I was always ready to resume running immediately.  Not this time!  And so, after some serious talking to myself and a good friend, I've decided to concentrate on 5km distance in the future. I've also changed from running the Half Marathon in September's Sydney Running Festival to the 9km Bridge Run.  I think I will enjoy that and, when all's set and done, enjoyment is and should be what it's all about.

This morning I went across to our Bowral Parkrun course and found it and the surrounding countryside almost entirely flooded from the Wingecarribee River overflow.  The grassy hill also was the worst it's been, soggy even in the upper sections and flooded in the lower.

Bowral Parkrun Course, 27/8/15

40 minutes easy run.... where it was dry!
My legs still feel like wooden planks; hoping a few strides tomorrow will bring some life back.

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