Monday, August 24, 2015

ACTVAC Half Marathon ~~~~~ 23/8/15

A Flying Finish!
The Start
Lake Ginninderra

On the way...

Three times around Lake Ginninderra ... and glad there wasn't a 4th!

In the lead up to Blackmores Half Marathon on September 20, the aim yesterday in the ACTVAC Half Marathon was to finish under 2 hours 45 min and to get an idea of how much work I needed to do in the next 4 weeks ... I finished in 2 hours 42 minutes and I know what I need to do ...  !!

Three times around Lake Ginninderra was an up and down, giddy experience!  I don't know that I like this sort of course, preferring the former course of out and back. The run went according to plan even though I'm somewhat the worse for wear today!  My body is tired and my mind is tired! Nothing that a few rest days and another night's sound sleep won't cure but I feel as weary today after 21.1km as I used after 42.2km!  Recovery time at 85 seems to take much, much longer now than it did after running the same distances 50 years ago and not much I can do about that!  So, after Blackmores half I think I'll have had enough of these long distance events and will be quite happy to concentrate on and improve my 5km times.

Here are the details of the ACTVAC Half Marathon, 23/8/15:

Time: 2:42:09
Avg. Pace 7:43m/k
5km splits:  38:18;  38:26;   38:31;   39:20 and last 1.1km in 7:30mins.
Training Effect: 4:0 ... Highly Improving!!

A bossom at 'Home Sweet Home!"

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