Friday, March 02, 2007

Make My Day....! whichever local farmer it was who slowed down & waved as he drove past in an old ute with laden trailer during this morning's run on Diamond Fields Road. Mid-day really : I didn't start until 12:00pm.
I heard :
"How are ya, Luv? Lookin' great!"
Now....there's nothing like a compliment, (especially from the opposite sex) to put a little extra spring into the every time!
Program : Easy, low HR Run 20-30 minutes.
Results + compliment had me doing 44 minutes instead of 30 minutes: 25 degrees C: low HR 113bpm: 5.1km. I enjoyed this run a lot!


  1. Tee hee. Many many years ago I used to hate it if guys yelled out things like that. But nowadays :-)))

  2. True...I'll take the comments these days!

    Looking forward to catching up next week in canberra!

  3. The usual comment to a runner is

    "You're looking Good".

    In your case must have been feeling good to go the extra minutes in the run.

  4. Ah sooo! now you will be chnging form Lucky Legs to Lovely Legs.

  5. No wonder you ran an extra 14 minutes after that comment - he gave you wings!! Besides you deserved it - you DO look great. Look forward to seeing you for dessert on Wed night!

  6. Wednesday should be good for a fine looking woman if it's still on, wasn't the VETS champs this week? I get all confused.

  7. Lucky Legs, thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog recently, which I have greatly appreciated. And I am sorry too that I haven't had the chance to visit your blog too often of late but work and home have been enormously hectic.

    Ewen has made contact and I am very much looking forward to seeing you this week.