Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Wetlands.....Chev Track!

.....not nearly this bad, but the only photo of a bog I could find in a hurry! The entire oval was a bit like a quagmire. As well, some machine had gone over the whole area making deep cuts in the ground to absorb the moisture I suppose, so it was a difficult session!

Program : The usual warm-up, some drills & strides.

4 Sets of 3 x 150m in 38-40 seconds. 2 minutes recoveries & 5 minutes between sets.

Results :

Set 1. 40.4; 39.8; 40.5.

Set 2. 40.5; 40.7; 39.4.

Set 3. 40.5; 40.3; 40.7.

Set 4. 40.7; 39.5; 38.2.

Skipped the warm-down because another electrical storm was hovering over the horizon! I didn't take full recovery time between sets.....for the same reason. It was a very tough workout!


  1. You must have been 'running on water' to do times like that. Well done!

    I'll try and arrange a few bolts of lightning to scare off your opposition next Thursday :)

  2. Thanks, Ewen! I knew you'd come up with something to make me run out of sight on next Thursday's dark night!