Sunday, March 25, 2007

Struck all of a heap.....

....for the encouraging thoughts & comments left on this lonely blog during the past 2 weeks! "May your shadow never be less".

The story so far: the worst came to the worst on Thursday, March 8 at the ACTVAC mile race for which, bloody hell, with wizard Ewen's help, I'd trained hard for months to do well in! Instead, 48 hours later I was off to hospital by ambulance. After lots of lovely tests (which I sorely miss!!)...all results clear except for some inflammation, following weeks of fearful bowel problems, leaving me anally retentive!

Another week passed waiting for a new broadband modem from Telstra who, for some reason unknown to man, or Telstra for that matter, had given me a new user name without telling me & had 2 inactive accounts in my name! I could have "danced all night" or waited all year had I not called their 'Help Line' & found out what was, or was not, going on.

Anyhoo...(as 2P says & I like it!)....looking on the bright side: training resumes tomorrow, for the SMH Half Marathon on May 20. Thanks Ewen, for another one of the best:-

Week 1 (of 8):

Monday: 35 minutes easy run.

Tuesday: 70 minutes easy run.

Wednesday: 35 minutes easy run.

Thursday: Walk + Strides.

Friday: Track

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 70 minutes easy run.


  1. Its so good to have you out of hospital and back in Blogsville!

    No rest for the wicked by the looks of this weeks pgm :-)

  2. Welcome back LL. Looks like Ewen has your work cut out for you. All the best for you SMH campaign.

  3. Welcome back!

    Wonderful to have you back on CR & on the road. You have been missed!

  4. Sounds like you are ready and rearing to go:-).

    Hope the health continues to be good.


  5. Good that your'e back to running.

    It's great to see those green fields of home (photos) again and again.