Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #15 ~~~~~

Bowral Parkrun 5km
What a day for surprises!  I knew Ewen and Jim were driving from Canberra to try out our course, but had no idea that Barry, Ruth and Margaret were also coming.  Such a thrill to see these lovely ACT friends again....made me realize that I really do miss them.

Ewen was placed 4th overall and Margaret took out the 65-69 record..great runs for both!

I was quietly pleased that all found the course more difficult than the ones they run in Canberra!  That made me feel a whole lot better about my own times.

Today's 5km in 35:16.  Age Grade Score 87.31%.....still can't get past my PB of 34:59 Age Grade Score 88.18%.   So, the challenge to speed up on the final hill continues!

Running 'that hill' I was scared the little girl with her dad might catch me!  She was a great little runner...did the whole 5km without a stop!

6:45,  6:56;  6:58;  7:15;  7:20
Avg. Pace 7:05m/k
TE  4 = Highly Improving!    That cheered me up no end!

 Actually, I was quite happy with that time for today.....a very humid morning; heavy fog over Mittagong; grassy slope/hill (depending on which direction one is running!) wet grass but I've seen it worse.

Breakfast at McDonalds, Mittagong, finished off a perfectly lovely morning! 

...and here we all are!

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