Saturday, January 03, 2015

Resolution for 2015 ~~~~~

....and it is never,ever, ever again for as long I shall live, ever run in the heat again!  I've been lying down all day feeling sick as a dog.  I was badly effected by the sun and especially the humidity right from the start, taking more walk breaks than I care to count and completely walked the final hill where I felt that I'd throw up if I didn't soon finish, then sat under a tree in the shade till I felt well enough to drive home where I showered, put on light clothing and collapsed on the bed till now at 4:00pm!

The course felt like a steam bath!  Temperature 30 degrees here today, maybe less at 8:00am but felt more like 130 on the cycle/walking track surrounded  by acres of wet grass in the surrounding low lying paddocks.  Until now, I haven't been able to stomach even a drink of water, let alone my much loved cuppa!  From hereon, I have to accept that I cannot risk running on days with high temperatures and humidity.  Just can't do it!

So here is this morning's awful attempt at Bowral Parkrun #15 ~~~~~

Time : 37:21
Splits :  6:39;  7:14;  7:24;  7:34;  8:28!!
T.E.  3.8  'Improving'.......could have fooled me there!
Running Dynamics :  160 spm;  Avg. Cadence 201 spm;   Avg. stride length 0.83m.

Parkrun 5km on a very hot day!

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