Monday, January 12, 2015

I Did a Couple of Short Hill Sprints!

I don't usually do any running on Mondays and I'm without my car for a couple of days this week, today being one of those days.  Tomorrow, I won't be able to get to Chev track either but 'the show must go on' regardless and so I'm having to make a few adjustments for the week but still keep today fairly easy.

I decided on the following :

2km walk to Highlands School warm-up.
4 x 8 seconds sprints up grassy slope near basketball stadium.
1 set Pete Magill Drills with strides in quadrangle.
2km walk home cool-down.

...and that's what I did!  I don't think the slope was steep enough and barely 8 seconds; the grass was almost knee high and wet but I felt "good" when I finished because I'd made an effort to do something constructive after being worried for days about not having my car available every day.  It's been tragic how I've dreaded not having a car; couldn't sleep last night just thinking about it!  I've never, ever been without my car in all my life for anything more than a service, never had an accident until now when a careless driver put a dent in the front and which I'm now having to get repaired.  As I said, it's tragic how dependent I am on a car and it's been like preparing for major surgery leading up to this morning when I had to part with an amputation really!
The best 'hill' I could find!

 Tomorrow, I have a plan for my track session : walk to school again and use the quadrangle for a track.  Checked the soccer field but the grass is too long and too soggy.  I'll have to measure the quadrangle first with the Garmin and probably change the program to suit the confined space.... ..something like 400m repeats instead of the 1200m that I should be doing.  I'm hoping the forced changes don't set me back too far...Ha Ha!!  Anyhow, I'm determined not to let it stop me altogether; besides, it should make good viewing on the CCT scanners!

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