Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #17 ~~~~~ 34:58

I don't know why my official times at Bowral Parkrun are sometimes not correct!  Today. 35:05, only 6 seconds slower than my Garmin 620 of 34:58, so I won't worry about it.  But, rightly or wrongly, 'my time' being right means a lot to me so I'm taking my GPS time as being the correct one in future.  It's not that I take seconds to start; I'm in the front line of a small group of runners, press start when RD says "Go" and press 'Finish' as I cross the finish line and go immediately to have bar code etc scanned.  I know I can notify RD when there are errors  and I did so last Saturday when Garmin time was 34:45 and a PB whereas published time was 35:01 It was later corrected in results but I don't like making a regular fuss about timing.

Whinge Over!!

I was running really well this morning and well in line for another PB....until the finish hill when I began to violently dry retch;  couldn't run and barely walk the 500m to the end; collapsed on the ground and thanks to Christine RD and others who either fanned me or gave me water to drink...what a mess I was in!  A local doctor who runs every Saturday assured me I wasn't about to have a heart attack which cheered me up no end! I owe all who helped me a huge thanks!

Googled "the heaves/retching" and it seems to be because of insufficient fluids and pushing too hard...sounds right!

My time according to Garmin 620 : 34:58

Take a look at the splits!  6:35;     6:42;     6:44;     6:46......and.....8:09!!!!!!  Tells its own story!

Avg. Pace 7:01 

TE (Training Effect) :  4.5 = Highly Improving (5 is 'overreaching!)

I wasn't the only one affected by the weather today.  All to whom I spoke found it very much as I did :  wickedly hot and atrociously humid!

Next Saturday I'm a volunteer so I have time to recover and go after that lost PB!!

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