Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #16 ~~~~~

A new PB at last!!  It was Parkrun #12, December 13, that I ran a recent PB in 34:59. Today, it happened again and I had a feeling before I started that today was going to be be the day for another one!

I was at 'Briars Inn' around 7:15am for the usual warm-up of an easy jog and a few drills, a drink and a toilet stop!  67 runners/walkers this morning which is good for a small Parkrun such as ours.  Weather good : warm, very warm running but a welcome breeze kept conditions pleasant and the course has to be one of the prettiest Parkruns...a downhill grassy start (muddy in one section after rain), along the cycle/walk path which runs parallel to the Wingecarribee River on one side and open fields on the other.  Country-life at its best!

Bowral Parkrun 5km

For all of the 5km I felt quite confident I was in line for a PB ...funny how you just seem to know it on a particular day, right from the start!  Wasn't easy though and I had to stop once to retie a shoelace...there goes 5 seconds, I thought, and then put on a spurt to catch up 5 seconds!  No stopping on the hill climb to the finish either and finally a sprint, well I call it a sprint, to the finish. I must be mad.....I give this run everything I've got; you'd think there was a million dollar prize waiting for me...I try so hard!  Can't help it; it's the way I am! VP set to run 6:59m/k and I won!

5km in 34:45
Avg. Pace 6:59m/k  ...same as VP!
Splits : 6:45;    6:51;    6:58;    6:58;    7:10

**TE   3.7   =  Improving! 

Age Graded Score ...88.78%   WooHoo!!  Can I get to 90%??

I should give some credit to the new shoes I wore for the first time today...Here they are :

Hoka One One "Clifton"

A light, well cushioned runner...thanks Ruth for the thumbs up!  I wasn't disappointed.
**TE stands for 'Training Effect'.  One of the many features of the new Garmin 620.  It uses heart rate to measure accumulated intensity of exercise on your aerobic fitness and indicates if you are maintaining your current fitness or improving it.
1.0  -  Minor
2.0  -  Maintaining
3.0  -  Improving
4.0  -  Highly Improving
5.0  -  Over-reaching.

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