Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tempo Run ..... on Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~~~

I did a check on Bowral Parkrun course this morning having found it partially flooded last Saturday.  More rain forecast between now and Saturday and I guessed there was no use trying Chev track again until there's more dry weather.

As the course was last Saturday when Leah and I ran/splased our way through 9km, it was much the same this morning :  grassy slope waterlogged and bike path has long stretches where the water is above the ankles.  No point diverging onto the grass at either side because there one would only sink deeper and possibly need rescuing unless wearing a rubber duckie or flippers!

A few of the puddles to be negotiated this Saturday!

My session:
3km easy ...through water mostly!
**5km @ ST pace (7:11m/k)
1.5k easy .... up grassy bog!

** 5km in 36:25
Avg. Pace 7:17m/k
AHR 76%;  MHR 86%
TE 2.0 =  Maintaining!
Splits 7:14;     7:51;     7:10;     7:25;     6:43

VP finished 25 seconds in front!

Total : 9.5km

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