Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's Longer Run ~~~~~

It was my bright idea to use Bowral Parkrun course today and had Leah with me for company.  It turned out to be not so bright at all :  the grassy downhill slope at the start was completely waterlogged; there were long stretches of water ankle deep along the cycle /walk path; debris left cross the path and well into the surrounding fields from when the water must have swept across from the river flooding.  There was a seat well away from the river covered in debris as proof of just how far the flood had reached in recent days. Luckily the water had receded as we splashed our way through the course but shoes, socks and even legs up to the knees were all covered with mud!

11km ... some walking through the water!
Heart rate 69% - 83%
TE ... 1.7 (Minor!)

We ran the 10km cycle path, diverging to side exits along the way to explore and throw in a few dry hills!

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