Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hill Repeats ~~~~~ on Bowral Parkrun Course

Program: 6 x 90 seconds
Walk down RI
Warm-up jog from Briars to Hoskins Reserve and back.
TE 1.4  minor!

The entire hill, from top to bottom was either mud or water or both!  Even the steepest section where I did the reps was slippery and muddy and wet!

I check out the course each Thursday during winter so that the RD can decide which course to use the following Saturday.  So far, we have Courses 'A', 'B, and 'C'.  Both  A and C use the hill so both those are out this weekend.  Instead, we'll be using B this Saturday and it starts at Hoskins Reserve about 500m down the road from Briars towards Moss Vale.  From there, it's doubling out and back on the cycle path.  Most dislike it because of all the extra turnarounds but it's dry and, more importantly, where a PB is more likely with no hill to climb at the finish!

One of several 'lakes' on the parkrun hill

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