Sunday, August 14, 2016

Easy Long Distance ~~~~~

2 - 2.5 hrs easy running. 
I did the minimum .... 2 hours 2minutes 10 seconds!

Started at school, Diamond Fields Road to where it ends and back to school.  Stunning morning!  As usual on D.F. Road, the surface was rough and strewn with rocks and stones so the aim was to do the time on feet without face-planting!  Long time since I've run anything over 10km but felt really good, only a couple of walk breaks, ran all hills, and there were plenty of them, except for part of a really long one which I walked.  Finished feeling 14k was about as far as my hammie was happy to run!

14km in 2:02:10
AHR 80-92% of max.
Avg. Cadence 165 spm
TE ~~  2.8 = Maintaining!

...... this morning's run on Diamond Fields Road .....

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