Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~

Parked in Renwick and set off from there to surrounding roads.

15 min warm-up (not on map)
10-20 x 30 secs. @ 6:15m/k
RI 1 min jog.
No cool-down!

I've no idea how many repeats I did; lost count after 10!  I don't know why I enjoyed this session so much!  Maybe it was too easy, but I felt really good when I'd finished ... better after a session than I have felt in a while .... quite perked up and alive for a change!!

Road Intervals


  1. That's good! And I take it your hamstring was happy with the session too?

  2. Yes, it usually is happy while I'm running. It's later at night I pay for it!!