Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What a Mess! ~~~~

It was raining lightly and cold at Chev track this morning.  The oval was like a ploughed paddock, not just from the rain but adding to that, the football games being played on it.  My attempt at running was just as messy! It turned out to be a very disappointing session with all repeats much slower than the pace in program and I only got the distance right in the last one!

Warm-up; couple drills
4 - 6 times 1000m  ... I did 4!
7:15.. based on Parkrun 5km time of 36 minutes

Results as follows:

7:30;   7:47;  7:21;   8:13

I never know if anything at all is achieved on this sort of day, in this kind of weather on a soggy, uneven surface, but I hate quitting before trying and I did the best I could.

The 4th and Last 1000m Repeat

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