Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fatal accident on Moss Vale Road this morning.  I had to detour back along Eridge Park Road, then drove via Osborne Street to the Oxley College end of our Bowral parkrun course.  5km and through a flooded section of pathway to check on the grass hill being dry enough to use this Saturday.  I think it is.

The accident was an horrific sight and had huge police and rescue units in place all clearly visible from the cycle path.  Later news told of a 69 year old man killed and a 49 year old man seriously injured and airlifted to hospital.  Stark reminder of how quickly a life can end on the roads.

I had to do 6 x 90 seconds hill repeats and I did those on the grassy hill after inspecting it for water, mud etc. After that, and watching the helicopters take off, another 5km including the large puddle again, back to where I began at Oxley end of the cycle path.  That meant a total of 10km, 5k more than I'd intended for today!

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